Portrait of the composer as a middle-aged man:
Emil Orlik’s 1902 etching of Gustav Mahler Art Resource, NY

mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble

The irony hasn’t escaped me I will be giving a short talk on Mahler (1869-1911) to a selected number of my art classes during the second week of December, particularly his third symphony.

The beauty of having my own art school is I can indulge another one of my great passions in life.

I was asked a few years ago by a number of my students why would I fly to Melbourne just to listen to a concert and ” who is Mahler anyway ” after rapturously reliving the whole powerful experience with tears in my eyes at which point I had to recover my composure.

This created such curiosity I offered to put a talk together concluding with the last movement of his Symphony no 3 in D minor, the effect was quite amazing whilst not everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ they understood the glorious power and melody of such a great work why it affects me so deeply and emotionally an experience I hope to share with some of you in a few weeks time.