For absolute beginners

For all those who doubt that they have a single creative bone in their body! Let us prove you wrong! Everybody has the ability to draw and paint. All you need is the enthusiasm to do so. We uncover the tricks of the trade through simple exercises that will teach you to see like an artist. Get your lines right, get your tone right, understand how perspective and scale works. Learn how to use colour pencil and be introduced to oil painting. Discover skills you never thought you had in our fun and relaxed environment!


Day and Time

  • Monday Afternoon: 12pm noon – 3pm
  • Wednesday Evening: 7 – 9pm

School Term Dates

Please see the School Calendar: Click Here



2 hours class

  • $435 per term (10 weeks)
  • $60 per casual class

3 hours class

  • $535 per term (10 weeks)
  • $70 per casual class


Mike Lamble


Class Limit

12 people

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Students’ Artworks

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I am so proud of my students producing such wonderful drawings/paintings!

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