= Courses =

Q: I’m a complete beginner, what’s the best art class for me?
A: We have complete beginners classes.
Q: How many days/hours notice do you need if I would like to join one of your  classes as a casual?
A: Please give us at least 2hours notice before the commencement of the class you wish to join, then we can let you know if there is a space for you.
Q: I’m a complete beginner, can I still do the life drawing class?
A: Yes. We encourage beginners, it’s a great way to learn.
Q: I have a particular art project to finish, can I join one of your classes and get help?
A: Yes. We are happy to help, we would suggest private tuition maybe the better option. Please phone. +61 (0)2 9968 1233
Q: I’m a complete beginner and interested in painting. Can I paint straight away?
A: If you’ve never drawn or haven’t drawn for longtime, we suggest you draw for the first four classes. Then we can asses your progress.
Q: I would like to paint a picture for a gift to my family. Can you help me?
A: Yes. Please phone so we can work out a program. +61 (0)2 9968 1233
Q: Can I take my child to the holiday workshops on odd days?
A: Yes. $75 for a day per child. If your child comes two days of the 5day workshop, it will be $75 x2 =$150.

= Fee =

Q: Can I roll over the missed classes to another term?
A: No. You have paid for a spot on that day that term, we are happy to offer you a spot in another class as a make-up if a spot becomes available within the term you have paid for.
Q: Can I get the discount if I take more than one class per week?
A: We have an add-on life drawing class at a discount. Also depending on how many classes you book per week Mike will offer you a free class a week if available.

= Art Materials =

Q: Do you sell the art materials?
A: Some, to our students only. We have Starter oil painting kits for the beginners class, if you run out of paint or brushes during class we carry a small amount of art materials you can purchase to keep you going.

Q: Where can I buy the art materials?
A: The closest art supply shop to where you live will be recommended. There are a number of art suppliers close to the art school in North Sydney, St Leonards, Seaforth and Brookvale.

= Hire teacher, staff and model =

Q: I’m a qualified art teacher. Can you employ me?
A: We are not hiring teachers at the moment. If we do we will put it on our homepage on our website.
Q: I’m an experienced model for life drawing. Would you hire me?
A: We are looking for a good female models all the time, so please send us your portfolio by email to info[at]art-art.com.au or by filling a contact-us-form.