Charlotte James with her dog Zippo

Charlotte visited Mike with her dog Zippo. Charlotte was in Mike’s teenage after school class. Now she is studying in UK.

mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble

As I write this blog all the clichés come to mind how to describe my feelings such as, pulled in opposite directions mixed feelings,conflicted, this happens to me every year this year being no exception.

If I said good bye Alex and congratulations achieving high marks with your HSC. The sadness is after being my student for the last five years I’ve watched her grow in ability to draw and paint to a high standard, and change from a child into an adult then leave this art school to go on to University.

My other student Pelin Ersoy is also leaving to go on to University next year a delight to teach a wonderful painter and has graced my school for the last two and a half years. As I hugged them good bye the difficulty was hanging on to my British stiff upper lip! Ako recorded a conversation I had with Alex this holiday on her acceptance in to Art Express which we will release in March to coincide with the opening.

I always ask my leaving students to drop me an email even if it’s only once a year to let me know how they are doing in their studies and in life. Many do, I’m often happily surprised when one lobs in as did Charlotte with her dog last holiday who has completed her three year degree at Cambridge University in the UK, when time and holidays permits Charlotte and I arrange to take our paints and go painting for day plein air.