"Where on earth are you, Hunter?"

Ako LambleWritten by Ako Lamble

Hi Everyone,
Today, I’ll show and tell you how I’ve rescued and revived one of my unfinished paintings with the iPad. If you are like me, having a quite few collections of unfinished paintings in the corner of your room with dust on it.  Lo and behold, finally you can save(or should I say “get rid of “) them!  Here is my story.

All started from more than 10 years ago, not long after my cat, Hunter immigrated in the art school, I thought I’d lost Hunter because I couldn’t find him anywhere in the art school . Then I found him hiding in the fake fire place in the studio after long searching on that day, that experience made me draw a sketch using a biro on copy paper  like this;

"Hunter" Original Sketch

I’m not sure if you can see it clearly, it’s kind of a bird’s view over the art school building and I was at the front door (very centre) shouting “Hunter!” Hunter the black cat enters into the fire place (bottom right) climbs up the chimney and flys out over the roof. I put my imagination of “where Hunter might be” on the paper. I didn’t know what I would do with it, so just put it in my file and forgot about it for a next few years.

Around 2 years ago, I wanted to paint something on a big canvas then I dragged out my old sketch and painted it roughly on a very small canvas (25cm x 20cm) first.

oil painting on a small canvas

Then worked on a big one (92cm x 92cm).

painting on canvass

I forgot whatever the reason was, I stopped painting and left it how it was, it’s been on the art school wall for nearly 2years (abandoned and almost became a half dead painting).

The steps I took to rescue it;

    1. Took a photo of my small rough painting with my iPad
    2. Imported it into Procreate app.
    3. used Smudge tool to smooth its colours and texture.
    4. used layersEraser and Transform tool to Change the angle of roof (compare 1. and 2.).
    5. used Several brush tools to change the lines, add the details (see the shape of the circle of lane 1. 2. 3.).
    6. Imported it in Snapseed app to change the tone to darker (see 4.).


  1. I thought it’s too dark so kept changing its tone with Snapseed app until getting the one I like (see 5.6.8.).
  2. Sometimes it’s good to see it as a black & white so that you can clearly check its contrast and tone (see 7.).


"Where on earth are you, Hunter?"

There you are! I saved my unfinished painting and revived it. It took only a few days (a few hours for each day). I couldn’t finish it this quick if I painted on the canvas, the question is what do I do with the actual canvas with my unfinished painting on it… oh well I can still finish it by copying the one in my iPad (actually that’s a good way to use iPad to create the blue print version before working on the canvas, it’s a huge time saver!), but for me, I can’t be bothered… I prefer to get it printed on the canvas if I want it on my wall.

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