4 ways to find an art class

There are 4 ways that you can find an art class according to your needs.
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Our focus is for students

We’ve been planning and thinking about the new design of our website for a quite while, lots of ideas came and went in the bin. We won’t bore you by telling all the details.

However, the 3 categories of people we have thought of during this process has been;

  • Current students
  • Former students
  • New visitors to our website (potential new students)

:: For current students ::

  • Showing their artworks to the world on the net: this is something we value, because we are so proud of our students’ hard work and their achievements to show them off to the world! We are still gathering the images of their works, and will upload them soon.
  • Reminding our students of the date of a new term and upcoming workshops: Unfortunately some students miss the first art class or new workshop, so we will remind our students beforehand of when it starts through the newsletter, blog, Facebook or Twitter .
  • Tips and ideas: From many different sources including our students come great ideas we can learn from. We would love to share these with you.

:: For former students ::

The demands of life often force them to give up on their art classes. WE WANT YOU BACK! to continue growing the seeds of your creativity you planted in the past.

  • Keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Notice of upcoming workshops: Who knows one day you might have an odd free day that allows you to join one of our workshops.
  • News -what’s happening in the Art school and the Art world in general: though you are not ready to commit yourself to art activities yet, it might refresh you to just think about your Art. We can help you to nourish your desire until the right time.

:: For new visitors to our website (potential new students) ::

We get enquiries from overseas as well as our local area, some would buy our art class as a gift for one of their relatives or friends in Sydney.

Thanks to the internet and social networking, the world is getting smaller than ever so we are aware of needs from arty people who live outside Sydney. We would love to hear from you wherever you are!

Of course we do appreciate all enquiries from our neighbourhood as well, we believe that our renewed website would help you to find an art class easily which suites you the best. Please feel free to talk to us over the phone [+61 (0)2 9968 1233] if you need to have a-human-to-human-conversation!

  • Getting to know you and keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Notice of the new term and upcoming workshops: You might be one of those who, on and off, have browsed art classes on the net with the idea to brush up your skills and become motivated, good for you! Let us help you when the timing and your situation becomes right.
  • Gift certificate: we are working on setting it up on our website, meanwhile you can email us (info[at]art-art.com.au) to ask for a gift certificate from us or for your convenience you can purchase the selective classes through our affiliate retail Redballoon¬†straight away ;

Being flexible according to our students’ needs

The good thing about a website is you can change the contents easily and as often as you like which you cannot achieve with the printed media. The website as a promotional media works very well for us, because the size of our art school allows us to be flexible in helping students towards achieving their goals.

We’ve always paid attention to our students’ needs at the time and arranged extra new workshops whilst the curriculum (weekly classes) remains set as the dates posted. Let us hear what you would like to achieve in your Art that will give us a chance to create new workshops.

The bottom line is …

You will get all the information we mentioned above if you connect with us through our newsletters, blog, Facebook or Twitter. It’s so nice to create an art community and support each other. When you become one of the best artists in the world, you will still need fellow artists around you to keep you motivated. That’s what an Art community is all about.