3points to mainain your creatiity

Ako LambleWritten by Ako Lamble

Hi Everyone,
Today, I would like to review my iPad Art Workshop for Beginners which was held on Saturday 23rd March 2013. It was my very first iPad Art Workshop and there were so many things that I wanted to share with my students and I was well prepared but not really sure how much they could take in within a day, so I talked to myself “that’s ok if we cannot finish all the contents I can spread them over a few workshops in the future”. Well then, I had to laugh at myself having such unnecessary worries, it was beyond my expectation, not only I could cover all the materials I prepared – I was actually impressed with what my students created on the day, I’m so proud of them all, most of them had never drawn with their iPad before or done any forms of digital art whatsoever, though they’d already learnt how to draw and paint with Mike, oh speaking of Mike, he was sitting there as one of my students on the day, let me tell you how much other students enjoyed watching Mike having to do as he is told, they said to Mike “Now you know how we feel in your class” <smile>.

iPad Art by Hannah Klupiec

“Apple” by Hannah Klupiec, Procreate App

iPad Art by Mike Lamble

“Man’s face” by Mike Lamble, Brushes app

Marriane Rudd

Marianne made a greeting card
with her iPad Art she created at the workshop.

Erika Dollission

Erika made a few greeting cards
with her iPad Art she created at the workshop.

CLICK HERE to see more iPad Art from the workshop

I was very aware of the pit falls of doing iPad Art, one of them is – I call it – the uncontrolled behaviour – this fancy gadget/new toy makes you become crazy about it to the point of spending too much time on it then gradually getting sick of it, in the end you don’t want to see it any more lik a chocoholic who binges then doesn’t indulge for weeks, instead I want them to become my fellow iPad Artist and enjoy it for a long time.

To avoid those pit falls I explained to them 3 important points to MAINTAIN (not just acquire) their creativity which applies to any form of creative activities. I believe that everybody’s born with creative mind which God gave us individually, however you need to do your part to maintain it during your busy daily life. For that reason I introduced to them “Draw for 15 minutes a day” a habit which I learned from Michael Nobbs (sustainablycreative.com).

All students assined to the 4week project “Draw for 15 min a day” which is a part of the workshop;

  1. set a timer 15 minutes and draw (no longer than that).
  2. send it to Ako by email.
  3. do it from Monday to Friday and weekends off, repeat it for 4 weeks.

The whole point of doing this is “to adopt a new habit – draw with your iPad”. We’ve just finished week 1, I upload their iPad Art to our Flickr site daily and the students can see other’s work to be encouraged and motivated. I joined them too.

CLICK HERE to see the iPad Art from “15 minutes a day project”

The next iPad Art Workshop will be held in May, why don’t you join us?
10am – 4pm
Satuday 18th May 2013
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mike_face Mike said “THE BOOT IS ON THE OTHER FOOT
To my surprise it was a surprise to my students who attended Ako’s workshop I quote ” You behaved yourself”
Ah to see ourselves as others see us, what did they mean? I always behave myself don’t I?
I sat there all day as quiet as a Lamb, don’t I always? I loved Ako’s workshop having worked in traditional materials in a traditional way ever since I was a student I was keen to try out and explore the possibilities the ipad could open up to me, wow! the sky is the limit what a wonderful sketchbook, painting palette canvas,paper,pens pencils airbrush, pastels all at my fingertips and Ako made it so easy for me to access and understand,( i’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer) we were only able to scratch the surface in the first workshop I look forward to the the next one in May.
Most of my students are aware I love to go driving roof down in my old MG at the weekends sketchbook in hand but its too much hassle to take watercolours or pastels etc, now I can take everything and anything including a camera to catch that fleeting moment in this most wonderful piece of technology smaller than my A3 sketchbook and draw or paint whatever I want in whatever medium or style I want! looking forward to the weekend.”

iPad Sketch by Mike Lamble

iPad Sketch by Mike Lamble, Brushes App

iPad Sketch by Mike Lamble

iPad Sketch by Mike Lamble, Brushes App

Sketching with iPad by Mike Lamble

Mike rested his iPad on the steering wheel in a car and drew the building.

Henry and Mike in 2005

Henry and Mike in 2010