News Local - North Shore Times - 20 Mar 2013 - Page #18 A3-300

The article about Mike was in the local newspaper the North Shore Times (page18 20th March 2013).


Rowan Cowley
NORTH Shore School of Art principal teacher Michael Lamble has donated a special work of art to thank Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) from the bottom of his heart.
Mr Lamble had surgery and spent 16 days at the hospital in early 2011 after being diagnosed with peritonitis and has donated a spectacular sunset painting to express his gratitude.
“They (hospital staff) were marvellous. I’d say they saved my life, so the least I could do was do a painting, have it framed and say thank you,” Mr Lamble said.
He ended up in the hospital after experiencing further discomfort shortly after being diagnosed with appendicitis while in Wodonga.
He said he had been experiencing severe pain In his side for several days and, after becoming convinced he was seriously ill, he ended up in Wodonga Hospital where he spent nine days.
He had surgery and antibiotics before being released but just two days after returning to Sydney he was ill again and suffering from a “raging’ fever.
After being admitted to RNSH he had surgery to insert a tube to drain poison from his small intestine and was treated with “five full bags of antibiotics a day”.
“I was so well looked after and there was a lovely surgeon who came and checked on me every day,” he said.
“I had first class treatment. I’d imagine they saved my life.”
In addition to running the local art school, Mr Lamble is a well known lecturer, and commercial and fine artist.
He was equally impressed with the treatment and care he received at Wodonga Hospital, which also received a painting.

mike_face Mike said “I would like to thank the many people including Mosman Art Gallery for all the kind words you expressed about the newspaper article I featured in, without you all I would not known when it appeared if at all, as I was interviewed quite a few weeks ago and had completely forgotten all about it.”