Erika, Charlotte(12yo) and Anna

Erika, Charlotte (12yo) and Anna

Ako LambleWritten by Ako Lamble

Hi Everyone,
We’ve just finished the second iPad Art Workshop on 18th May 2013. We had a great day together. I initially planned and designed my workshop for adults only for many reasons. However, Mike encouraged me to accept Charlotte (12yo) when she wanted to join my workshop. “Charlotte is capable and she is so enthusiastic about Art” said Mike. She has joined Mike’s Monday kids class. I hadn’t met her yet. When I saw Charlotte on the day I instantly thought Mike was right and I was so glad to accept her. She reminded of me when I was her age, being “enthusiastic” about any creative things and full of positive energy. Don’t get me wrong, the other mature ladies were also enthusiastic and creative too, you can see that from what they created at the workshop.

Learning the basic handy functions

First of all, I wanted them to make a kind of surrealistic artwork to learn some of the handy functions along the way. They were asked to take a photo of an apple, use the smudge tool to make the apple have a painterly look, erase the background and duplicate the apple a few times then take another photo of any painting on the art school wall and put it as a background to the apples. That’s why you can see Alex’s chameleon in Charlotte’s iPad Art.

iPad Art by Anna Orlyanskaya

iPad Art by Anna Orlyanskaya
Procreate app & Snapseed app

iPad Art by  Charlotte Oleary

iPad Art by  Charlotte Oleary

iPad Art by Charlotte Oleary (12yo)
Procreate app (top) then used Snapseed app (bottom)

Making a greeting card

Next, they were asked to paint anything with a view to make a greeting card. The techniques and the functions which they learned earlier could be used for it. I’m amazed what they could create in a short time! In the afternoon, we went to Officeworks to print it out directly from the iPad by using their printing app and wifi.

iPad Art by Anna Orlyanskaya

iPad Art by Anna Orlyanskaya
Procreate app & Snapseed app

iPad Art by  Charlotte Oleary

iPad Art by Charlotte Oleary (12yo)
Procreate app & Snapseed app

The Greeting Cards they made.

Printed them at Officeworks and made a greeting card.

For a person like Erika who joined the workshop again.

Erika had joined my previous workshop and this time she carried on learning the next steps she wanted to achieve. Erika quickly adopted “Brushes app” at the first workshop and created the fantastic iPad Art which is rather graphic. She wanted to learn how to create one with a more painterly look than graphic. As you see her painting (below), she created a beautiful painting which is not graphic with a more pastelly feel. Erika said it took a lot of time to finish it compare with doing the more graphic one. I admire Erika’s diligent attitude. She sends me her iPad Art almost everyday since the first workshop in March, you don’t know how much I have been encouraged by her in return. It is a huge pleasure for me to share my knowledge with a person like Erika.


iPad Art by Erika Dollission
Procreate app

“Drawing for 15min a day” project

Once they joined the workshop, they were automatically signed up for “Drawing for 15min a day” project (I’m joining too) which runs from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks. Everybody will send their iPad Art to me by email daily and I put them up on the Art school’s Flickr site to share with others. The artwork doesn’t have to be finished, the whole point of doing it is acquiring a habit to do creative things daily with the iPad and you won’t forget easily about what you learned at the workshop. I created a small iPad Artist circle with those who joined my workshop and class to get motivated and encourage each other. Hey, what’s the point of painting with the iPad if you don’t share it with others?

iPad Art by Erika Dollission Click to see more of Erika’s iPad Art

iPad Art by Charlotte Oleary Click to see more of Charlotte’s iPad Art

"Let's go banana" iPad Art by Anna Orlyanskaya Click to see more of Anna’s iPad Art

Comments from our students

” The workshop on Saturday was very intense and I learnt a lot about procreate. I prefer brushes but believe procreate can be mastered if practised enough.So my aim is to keep practising both and when the next course comes to revise and master saving and moving the drawing around. snap seed will be something to revise in the future. ”

– Erika Dollission

” I would like to thank Ako for the iPad workshop on 18th May. It is obvious that Ako have put a lot of thought and effort in planning the workshop. Ako was focused on teaching the group how to achieve the desired outcome and create the artwork with the least possible steps, utilising various programs and apps available for the iPad. I have in particular enjoyed learning more about the Procreate program and feel more confident in using this program now. ”

– Anna Orlyanskaya

iPad Art Workshops for Beginners

10am – 4pm Saturday 20th July 2013

Did you miss the workshop this time? Don’t worry the next workshop will be held in July. Jot the date down in your diary and send us the enrolment form after you filled in. You will find out how iPad can be your powerful art tool. Download the flyer. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the workshops. Email: info[at]

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