iPad Art by Ako Lamble, homage to E hopper Western Motel

created with iPad, Procreate App and ArtistaOil App by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper “Western Motel”

"Western Motel," Edward Hopper, 1957

“Western Motel” by E.Hopper, 1957

Ako LambleWritten by Ako Lamble

Hi Everyone,
Today, I would like to share with you one of my obssessions – “windows”, particularly this time is a homage to one of my favourite artists, Edward Hopper. Hopper painted the window/s in his art so many times, I used my iPad to replace the view to the one I like. I did five of them and it took for me around 15 minutes for each that is a part of “draw for 15 minutes a day project” we’ve just finished week 3 and one more week to go.

I would like to talk about those three points.

  1. The magic of “Layers Tool”
  2. Discover the new perceptions
  3. Learn from Hopper

1. The magic of “Layers Tool”

Layers Tool

It’s quite simple it’s esier than you think. I placed Hopper’s painting on the top layer and erased the view with the erase tool to make it like a photo frame then placed the image you want on the lower layer, now you can see the view through the window. It can be addictive once you’ve done that, you will want to try one after another image to see how it looks.

iPad Art by Ako Lamble

created with iPad, Procreate App and Artrage App by Ako Lamble, Homage to E. Hopper “Room in Brooklyn”

I used one of my own iPad Art creations (right) for the view. I flicked it over horizontally to match the lights.

"I know where rainbows come from."

“I know where rainbows come from” by Ako Lamble (iPad + Artrage app)

2. Discover the new perceptions

As I said, it’s almost addictive and I tried out so many pictures on this, I ended up with three different images from my own iPad Art to fill the windows, then smoothed out the colours and brush strokes with the smudge tool. If you look at it carefully you will notice that the perspective and composition is not quite right in a realistic way, however it’s successfully created the atmosphere of “something is going on over there”. During the process I kept thinking about Hitchcock’s film “Rear window”.
This is why I like using iPad to create an artwork. You can easily manipulate any world class masterpiece to test out something different with a guilt free mind. You will appreciate how gifted they were in the process and you will discover some similalrities in the masterpieces that these artists created which is inspiring, in my case it is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear window.

I found a Youtube video clip from “Rear window” when you watch it you will know what I mean, however I suggest you don’t watch it if you haven’t watch the whole film yet.

iPad Art by Ako Lamble homage to E. Hopper

created with iPad, Procreate App and Artrage App by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper “Night Windows”

Edward Hopper Night windows

“Night Windows” by E.Hopper, oil on canvas 29″x34″ 1928

“Rear Window” (1954) Movie CLIP ‘Caught Snooping’ by A. Hitchcock 3″28′

This is the one I’m so pround of, because from my point of view my version is better than Hopper’s original. I think blue skys and the distance between the cafe and the buildings across the road gives it breathing space. Adding to that it’s always nice to see your art school in his masterpiece.

iPad Art by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper Chop Suey

created with iPad, Procreate App and ArtistaOil App by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper “Chop Suey”

Edward Hopper - Chop Suey

“Chop Suey” by E.Hopper, 1929, Oil on canvas, 81.3cm × 96.5cm

3. Learn from Hopper

I was struggling with this piece because whatever I placed outside the window it seemed wrong. Maybe because the window is too big and people at the cafe seem too small… What I learn from Hopper’s paintings is the lighting and quietness. I placed a steam train outside the window which I can almost hear quite loudly, in contrast that actually emphasises the solitude between the two people in the painting but changes the mood from isolated uncomfortable quietness between them to companionable silence. This shows Hopper’s brilliance in creating such emotions in us as viewers. I wanted to change the mood which I feel I have achieved by changing the view through the window and I like where I placed the train subliminally opposite the revolving door which suggests it is part of the train, a touch of surrealism which I like.
I found another fantastic youtube video how to paint like E. Hopper, I found it very interesting. About 28 minutes length.

iPad Art by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper

created with iPad, Procreate App and ArtistaOil App by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper “Sunlights in Cafeteria”


“Sunlights in Cafeteria” by E.Hopper

The Forger’s Masterclass – Ep. 1 – Edward Hopper


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