iPad Art by Ako Lamble

A study of the texture of Egon Schele’s painting – iPad and Procreate app

Ako LambleWritten by Ako Lamble

Hi Everyone,
Today, I would like to share my bad days with you. Don’t worry, it will be a happy ending. I have a chronic infection on the bone of my ankle, it flares up every so often and I need to take strong antibiotics for a while which makes me very tired all the time. It happened during the school holiday and I relied on my iPad to keep my creativity going. That’s what I would like to talk about.

If you have an iPad you may have a few apps which helps you kill your time on games, SNS and so forth. Why not nurture your appreciation of the beautiful arts instead of wasting your precious time? I would like to introduce the amazing App called “Art Authority (AU$10.49)”. It might be a little pricy compare with other apps which cost next to nothing but when you think of owning the art gallery where the whole world’s masterpieces are contained and you can take it around with you wherever you go, it’s definitely not expensive at all. I’ve had it for a while and whenever I need some inspiration I get my iPad stand, open it to the Art Authority app, set it to slideshow and view one painting after another.

So I laid on the bed and looked at amazing masterpieces on my bad days, Schele’s paintings of landscapes caught my eye this time. When we are not well we’re drawn to something sweet and nurturing, aren’t we? Schele’s landscapes reminded me of one of my childhood favourite books “Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle” which was translated in Jananese and the illustrations were drawn by a Japanese illustrator, Miyoshi Akasaka.

"Krumau Town crescent I" (1915) oil on canvas. by Egon Schiele

“Krumau Town crescent I” (1915) oil on canvas. by Egon Schiele

Children's book "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle"

The picture from Ako’s childhood favourite book “Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle”

I wonder whether you can see the similarities between them as I do…? Well, I was NOT well and needed something sweet / sweet memories to comfort me after all. The textures of dryness, messing-with-mud-like, earthy colours, uneven lines … all these characteristics give me such endless pleasure, I can almost dive into the picture to have an adventure …

Then I get the urge to know how the textures were made. I used Procreate app which can customise the brush tool and I experimented with a few brushes and colours to get it close to the texture I want. When it comes to digital art, it’s the magic of pixels, it’s all a matter of how you can manipulate the pixels. I’m quite happy with what I did. It’s so fascinating. Oh, don’t forget that I did it while lying on the bed, that’s the beauty of iPad Art.

iPad Art by Ako Lamble

A study of the texture of Egon Schele’s painting – iPad and Procreate app

Do you really need the iPad if you live in Japan?

I would love to share with you the Youtube video about Japanese stationary which I came across the other day (around 30 min length for Part 1 and 2 altogether), it is fascinating. My first reaction was that I’m so glad that I’m staying in Sydney, otherwise I’d be bankrupt buying all that beautiful and interesting stationary back in my home town, the second one is I might not have shown any interest in the iPad, why bother with the iPad if there is so much variation in fantastic sketching tools which I can buy around the corner?
Guess what? I can actually do the pen spinning (normal and reverse) which I learned while at my high school. You should watch it if you want to find out what it is.

Part 1 : 14’24” length

Part 2 : 13’36” length

iPad Art Workshops for Beginners

10am – 4pm Saturday 18th May 2013

Because you are not living in Japan, you might need to find out how iPad can be your powerful art tool. BOOK NOW! There are still a few spots available. Download the flyer. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the workshops. Email: info[at]art-art.com.au

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Weekly Classes for iPad Art (for All Levels)

10am – 12pm TUESDAY
1pm – 3pm TUESDAY
$330 for Term (10wks) / $35 for Casual

We have just started the weekly classes for iPad Art, and it has been very well. This would be the way to go if you would like to do it on your own pace. Your questions will be answered and the instructions will be given according to your level on a weekly bases, so come to the class with your well-charged-iPad, have fun and make your iPad a powerful art tool which you won’t want to be without! Download Enrolmentfortm.

Suitable for;

  • Someone who knows how to draw but has never done digital art before.
  • Someone (may be a busy mum) who can’t be bothered to carry all those art materials back and forth to attend the art class.
  • Someone who has limited energy but would like to do something creative.
  • Someone who has ideas and wants to make their own picture book.
  • Someone who got an iPad but doesn’t know what to do with it other than checking emails/browsing websites.

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