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Hi Everyone,
Today, I’ll show you a small demo video that I quickly made this morning. I used Procreate app with my iPad which is my most favourite app at the moment.

You can see a few useful tools and functions being used in the video. I speeded up the drawing part (x8) so it might look a little busy but I thought one and half minute length was just long enough to keep your attention to see some of handy tools.

Now here is the procedure, the words in bold type are key points during the process.

  1. choose a back ground colour (ocher)
  2. draw on the first layer
  3. use transform tool to change its size bigger to draw details
  4. use smudge tool to make the busy lines smoother
  5. use transform tool to change its size smaller and drew a frame around it
  6. hide the layer before
  7. drawing a book on the second layer
  8. use air-brush tool to make a shade
  9. show both layers
  10. swap the first layer with the second layer before
  11. use Transform tool to distort the shape of a drawing to fit in the book front cover

Didn’t you say Wow! when you saw in the video the picture was distorted to fit to the shape of front cover? It’s impossible to achieve this kind of trick with the traditional art materials.

I am going to mainly use Procreate app in my workshop this time because of the following fantastic tools;

  1. Smudge tool: Much closer to the natural smudge feelings compare to other apps’
  2. Transform tool: Change its scale and distort its shape

There are so many drawing apps out there, I’m sure you wonder which one is the best drawing app for you?  You will end up with having a few selections of favourite apps and depends on its developer’s updates your most favourite will move from one to another. I was a big fan of Artrage app one stage then moved to Procreate  a few months ago, but I’ve always kept my eye on Artrage and also other favourite apps I like and waiting for their significant updates that might bring me back to one of them again, that’s how it works.


Weekly Classes for iPad Art (for All Levels)

10am – 12pm TUESDAY
1pm – 3pm TUESDAY
$330 for Term (10wks) / $35 for Casual

From Term2, we will start the weekly classes for iPad Art. Once you decided to start drawing with your iPad, we believe that you might have many questions to be answered and need instructions on a weekly bases, so come to the class with your well-charged-iPad, have fun and make your iPad a powerful art tool which you won’t want to be without!

Suitable for;

  • Someone who knows how to draw but has never done digital art before.
  • Someone (may be a busy mum) who can’t be bothered to carry all those art materials back and forth to attend the art class.
  • Someone who has limited energy but would like to do something creative.
  • Someone who has ideas and wants to make their own picture book.
  • Someone who got an iPad but doesn’t know what to do with it other than checking emails/browsing websites.

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