Written by Stephen Dernocoure - Drawing

Stephen shares with you in his writings about his philosophy of drawing, his poetries and drawings.

“Two Identities” – written by Stephen Dernocoure

Life drawing with iPad & Procreate App by Ako Lamble Written by Stephen Dernocoure Drawing the life model seated in a chair unlocks so many creative and observational possibilities for the drawer. When instructing the life drawing process I have observed that the student may fail to fully consider the chairs relationship with the seated […] More details »

Ask Our Teacher – Stephen Dernocoure (Life Drawing Monday 7-9pm)

Name: Stephen Dernocoure Teaching at NSA: Life drawing class (Monday 7-9pm) Joined NSA since: 2008 NSA: What doodle / drawing / painting did you do in your early life that you were the most proud of? How old were you? STEPHEN: Speaking truthfully I cannot think about art in this context. I am more desirous […] More details »