“I teach art because I have a love of communicating an idea and representing it in a visual form.”

Hannah Klupiec

Name: Hannah Klupiec
Teaching in : Beginners Painting and Drawing (Wednesday 7-9pm)
Joined NSA since: around 2004

NSA: What doodle / drawing / painting did you do in your early life that you were the most proud of? How old were you?

HANNAH: Trying to think back it was a self portrait I did using a mirror in 5th grade at school. I still have it! It was in colour pencil and at the time I was attending a portrait painting class at the local YMCA. I think I had had enough of painting and the mess so I did a drawing of me in my green and white school uniform. My eyes look are a bit too wide and bright…like I had seen a great shining light or drug of some sort!

Drawing by Hannah Klupiec

The black texta drawing of butterfly (highly patterned) drawn by Hannah when she was 7yo.

NSA: Have you been always artistic / creative? if so, in what way?

HANNAH: I have always enjoyed doing artistic things. From an early age I used to make all of my own cards. So much so my parents have kept all of them. There were Easter, anniversary cards, birthday and Christmas cards to make. I also enjoyed doodling patterns and writing my name in fancy fonts everywhere on any bit of paper and on the chalk boards my father installed along the wall of the garage. It did help that my mother was artistic also and willing to encourage me in that direction.

Hannah Klupiec and her mum

“Hannah(right) and her artistic mum (left) in 1992

NSA: What made you join NSA? Where did you hear/find about NSA?

HANNAH: I saw a job in the paper for a Children’s art teacher needed at a small art school in Spit Junction. I went for the job and started teaching children after my other education job once a week and doing the holiday workshops.

NSA: If you are allowed to have any famous painting in the world on your wall, what would it be and Why?

HANNAH: There are a few..no favourites. I love Marc Chagall‘s “I and the Village” for the vitality of colour, IngresThe Bather of Valpincon” for its beautiful rendering of the figure and composition and any of Tim Maguire’s magnificent magnified huge flower paintings. I enjoy also Man Ray‘s photographs for their dramatic viewpoints.

NSA: What are you working on in the class right now and what would you like to achieve with your art within a year?

HANNAH: My creative activities extend to helping my high school students resolve their own artworks and working on my own little art journals using the IPad.

iPad Art by Hannah Klupiec on 20130325

Created with her iPad and Procreate app

iPad Art by Hannah Klupiec

Created with her iPad, Procreate app and Snapseed app

iPad Art by Hannah Klupiec

Created with her iPad and Brushes app

iPad Art by Hannah Klupiec

Created with her iPad, Bamboo app, Procreate app and Snapseed app

NSA: why do you teach art, and what do you get out of it?

HANNAH: I teach art because I have a love of communicating an idea and representing it in a visual form. I enjoy the dimension and insight it brings to my life and the ability to see past the literal and obvious to the detail and beauty of even the most banal of subjects. It is a way of verbalising something in a visual manner.

NSA: Finally, would you design a T-shirt for Mike to wear in the class?

HANNAH: I created it with my iPad and Doodoo lite app.

Designed by Hannah Klupiec

mike_faceMike said “When I asked Hannah to join the art school she was head and shoulders above the other applicants. Love her artwork and on the many occasions we have worked together she is the perfect complement in the the class room, each teacher has their own way of working but there are fundamental truths that never change when teaching art.  Often students who join me from other colleges complain the teachers “contradict each other” which leaves them confused and unsure,not so here.
In the ten years we have worked together all my students appreciate and understand the help and guidance Hannah gives, so I know they are in good hands.”

Ako Lamble Ako said “Hannah recently became one of my fellow iPad Artists (hope more to join us). I’m so thrilled about it, I asked her to become one of our regular blog contributors and she will share her iPad Art with her thoughts of being a busy working mum and how she keeps up her creativity. I believe her art and words will encourage and inspire those who are in a similar situation. Let’s look forward to it!”

Drawing and Painting for Absolute Beginners

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For all those who doubt that they have a single creative bone in their body! Let us prove you wrong! Everybody has the ability to draw and paint. All you need is the enthusiasm to do so. We uncover the tricks of the trade through simple exercises that will teach you to see like an artist. Get your lines right, get your tone right, understand how perspective and scale works. Learn how to use colour pencil and be introduced to oil painting. Discover skills you never thought you had in our fun and relaxed environment!
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