Ask our students – Mark Braidwood (Tue 7-9pm)

Mark Braidwood

Name: Mark Braidwood
Occupation: Doctor
Joined NSA: in 2004 & 2011

NSA: What doodle / drawing / painting did you do in your early life that you were the most proud of? How old were you?

MARK: a WWII aeroplane and I was about 12.

NSA: Have you been always artistic / creative? if so, in what way?

MARK: Nope. I don’t come from an artistic family and it’s been a slow awakening but a great journey.

NSA: What made you join NSA? Where did you hear/find about NSA?

MARK: I drove past it on a Bus and noticed the bright signage.

NSA: If you are allowed to have any famous painting in the world on your wall, what would it be?

MARK: Flaming June, by Frederick Lloyd Leighton.

Flaming June, by Frederick Lloyd Leighton

NSA: What are you working on in the class right now and what would you like to achieve with your art within a year?

MARK: I’m painting some Magnolia’s for my Mum’s birthday. My goals are impressionist landscapes that make people feel a connection.

NSA: why do you take the class, or what do you get out of it?

MARK: I find the creative process like a form of meditation. It’s also very satisfying to have created something that you can appreciate later on.

NSA: Finally, would you design a T-shirt for Mike to wear in the class?

Designed by Mark Braidwood

Mike said ” I spotted almost from the first class Mark had great potential but was aware the demands of training to be a doctor would take him away from the art school for quite a time, having said that four years later he re-enrolled and again within two to three weeks it was like he had never been away. From my point of view I consider Mark to be a friend , we did many radio programes together he was the host me the guest once a week discussing Art particularly painting ,its place in history philosophical and religious meanings, content and style.

You can listen to one of the radio programs we did it together >> Click Here.