“Hope this encourages you all” written by Mike Lamble

“Hope this encourages you all” written by Mike Lamble

Mike's Sketching trip

Mike often goes out for sketching.

mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble

As most of you know from my talks at the school I love to get out of Sydney and draw at the weekends and in the holidays when I can.
Thanks to Ako who has inspired me, watching her practice watercolour most of last year I decided to go back to watercolour painting out of doors, something I haven’t done since my student days, I had forgotten how wonderful this was.
This has generated interest from some of my students who will join me from time to time.
I hope the pictures tell the rest of the story with more to follow throughout the year.

Mike's Sketching trip

Mike's Sketching trip

Mike's Sketching trip

Mike's Sketching trip

Mike's Sketching trip

Mike's Sketching trip

Lunch break.

Strong wind is the chief enemy of sketching ouside.

“ON HOLIDAY WOOPEE!” – written by Mike Lamble

Mike and Henry on their holiday

mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble
Our dear students,

After the usual busy term ” I wish to be alone”
By Tuesday i’m missing you all, I know for most of you it’s work as usual, seeing as I am not here to nag, plead, cajole you all to practice drawing while I am away you don’t get off that easy I can do it by email.
What I think all of you don’t realise is when some of you bring your drawings to the school or email me them how happy that makes me to see your progress and tells me I must be doing something right, in my opinion a good teacher inspires others and if it hadn’t occurred to you how much that encourages me to practice, so send me some of your drawings……please.
So by the weekend I will be driving somewhere out there sketchbook, ipad and dog in hand plonking myself in a quiet spot God knows where drawing I will post them on the next blog.

Mike and Henry having Siesta

“an extension of my heart …” – written by Stephen Dernocoure

Stephen Dernocoure's sketchbook and pens

Stephen always carries his sketchbook and pens with him.

STEPHENWritten by Stephen Dernocoure

I have been thinking how important my pocket sketch book is in my day to day life, indeed it is my companion on the vast savannah of new moments and I am even tempted to give it a name. In truth this small book is simply an extension of my heart, mind, hand and seeing eyes but it provides me with an intimacy where the world observed in all of its grandeur is condensed into that tiny paper space. The scale of our graphic practice is I believe so very important for our developing skill because we need to develope sensitivities for scale, distance and the patterning of forms. A woman carrying her cargo of shopping in the distance might be a worthy subject for the little book where a biro is used to scribble the essentials of form in motion or in stillness. Quickly the eye searches for salient pattern and the hand serves, this is essential experience in the quest of seeing, it strengthens our cognitive functions as it is a logico mathematical process but this is not the end result, the result is seeing and being surprised and realising that we simply interpret this mysterious world.

Sketch by Stephen Dernocoure

Sketch by Stephen Dernocoure

Sketch by Stephen Dernocoure

Sketch by Stephen Dernocoure

Sketch by Stephen Dernocoure

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Henry & Mike

Draw, Draw and Draw! – written by Mike Lamble

To all our students


Mike & Henry

How often have I encouraged you to draw, draw, draw, as much as you can. Ask yourself how much time do you waste sitting in front of the TV watching mindless rubbish that doesn’t feed your heart soul or creativity? then find yourself at art class feeling angry and frustrated because the task you have undertaken, I quote “isn’t working for me”.
I have lost count over the years how many times i’ve heard that one as though its something outside a students control, when in fact it is an internal process of taking responsibility to practice even if its ONLY an hour a week between classes.

Ruth & Mike
In spite of the long Christmas and new years break, doing an awful lot of end of year maintenance, at the art school, attending a wedding of one of my former students in New Zealand (who I adore) I knew I was in desperate need to practice. Whatever I have achieved in the past as a professional artist and illustrator counts for nothing now or in the future, if I don’t practice , I have grown to love it for its own sake NOT A CHORE ! another thing I must do, tick the box.

So here are some examples of of what I have been working on:

A word or two about the painting of Erika , the idea came to me when she came to  class with her hair down which put me in mind of Durer’s self portrait (but obviously she is better looking) I haven’t painted in the style of the ” old masters” for a few years the last time being when my agent asked me to paint the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci for an advertising agency in Sydney, this will take sometime to complete between classes, as it progresses will keep posting pictures on the website.


Painting a portrait of Erika in the studio.

Progress of  portrait painting of Erika

The soul of my art is to have as much pleasure as possible in giving pleasure, art is not just a skill, the hand, head and heart all work in concert,channeling feelings which the artist has experienced, that is why I keep being draw back to painting Lambs Valley every time I go it looks so different.


Go to the Flickr slide site of “Mike Sketching 201301”

Go to the Flickr slide site of “Mike Painting Landscape 201301”