ipad art Tiffany Lamp

iPad Art “The Lights” – written by Ako Lamble

"tiffany lamp" iPad Art by Ako Lamble

“Tiffany Lamp” created with iPad and Procreate App by Ako Lamble

Ako LambleWritten by Ako Lamble

Hi Everyone,
Today, I would like to talk about the subject to draw/paint with iPad, “The lights”. I came to realise that drawing the lights with iPad gives much more pleasure to my eyes than drawing it on a paper. One of the reasons is quite simple, you are drawing the lights on the backlit canvas (iPad), so literally it will illuminate once you put the colour on it. It’s more magical than you think.
If you have an iPad and any drawing/painting apps, try putting any bright colour on the dark background, I tell you it would look great. See the following iPad Arts for an example.

iPad Art by Ako Lamble

“Tealight” created with iPad and Procreate App by Ako Lamble

iPad Art by Hannah Klupiec

“Candle light” created with iPad and Procreate App by Hannah Klupiec

The painting of flowers (below) is nothing to do with the light, however doesn’t it glow beautifully?

iPad Art by Erika Dollission

“Flowers” created with iPad and Brushes App by Erika Dollission

The painting of pear (below) had been made by using one of the techniques I introduced in my iPad Art Wrokshops. It gives a wood cut print / stencil / stained glass look. Erika who’d never done the digital painting before created this particular piece on the first day of the workshop, it really amazed me.

iPad Art by Erika Dollission

“Pear” created with iPad and Brushes App by Erika Dollission

"Lamp" iPhone/iPad Art by David Hockney

“Lamp” created with iPad and Brushes App by David Hockney

"Sunlight Filtering Through The Clouds" iPad Art by Ako Lamble

“Sunlight Filtering Through The Clouds” created with iPad and Artrage App by Ako Lamble

"Where on earth are you, Hunter?"

“Where on earth are you, Hunter?” created with iPad and Procreate App by Ako Lamble

If you are interested in iPad Art and have 9 more minutes to spend, I highly recommend you to watch one of the tutorial videos (below) made by the Norwegian Artist, Nikolai Lockertsen who creates amazingly detailed iPad Art. He recently uses Procreate app a lot which became my most favourite app as well, if you buy the Procreate app it comes with his painting (below) as an exapmle art work. As you see, he uses the lighting so effectively in his paintings which I deeply admire.
It is so inspiring to see how he created the car head light (around the point of 4’50”) in the video.


Procreate Tutorial - Winter Volvo

iPad Art “Procreate Tutorial WinterVolvo” by Nikolai Lockertsen


Weekly Classes for iPad Art (for All Levels)

10am – 12pm TUESDAY
1pm – 3pm TUESDAY
$330 for Term (10wks) / $35 for Casual

From Term2, we will start the weekly classes for iPad Art. Once you decided to start drawing with your iPad, we believe that you might have many questions to be answered and need instructions on a weekly bases, so come to the class with your well-charged-iPad, have fun and make your iPad a powerful art tool which you won’t want to be without!

Suitable for;

  • Someone who knows how to draw but has never done digital art before.
  • Someone (may be a busy mum) who can’t be bothered to carry all those art materials back and forth to attend the art class.
  • Someone who has limited energy but would like to do something creative.
  • Someone who has ideas and wants to make their own picture book.
  • Someone who got an iPad but doesn’t know what to do with it other than checking emails/browsing websites.

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Ask Our Students – Pye Twaddell (Wednesday 12-3pm)

“a sense of peace & family
learning to draw & paint
enjoy the music.”

Pye Twaddell

Name: Pye Twaddell
Occupation: longitudinal art student
Joined NSA: 6 years ago (2006-7)

NSA: What doodle / drawing / painting did you do in your early life that you were the most proud of? How old were you?

PYE: tissuepaper collage – like a kaleidoscope of colour / never did any drawing

NSA: Have you been always artistic / creative? if so, in what way?

PYE: dance / music – piano / my version of Faberge eggs made from real egg shell

NSA: What made you join NSA? Where did you hear/find about NSA?

PYE: illusions of grandeur / I live across the street

NSA: If you are allowed to have any famous painting in the world on your wall, what would it be and Why?

PYE: Brett Whiteley The Sunrise, Japanese:Good Morning (1988) / because I always look forward to This Side of Morning – my title for a new book or painting or just wishful thinking …?

"The Sunrise Japanese Good Morning" by Brett Whiteley

“The Sunrise Japanese Good Morning” by Brett Whiteley

NSA: What are you working on in the class right now and what would you like to achieve with your art within a year?

PYE: finish my painting – it is a gift – & then paint one for me, maybe This Side of Morning / more pencil drawing

NSA: why do you take the class, or what do you get out of it?

PYE: a sense of peace & family / learning to draw & paint / enjoy the music.

NSA: Finally, would you design a T-shirt for Mike to wear in the class?

Designed by Pye-Twanddell

mike_face Mike said “I have to admire this woman’s tenacity, It’s received wisdom that left brain is our analytical logical mathematical side, where as our right side is generally accepted to be our creative side these are oversimplifications I know but for the sake of brevity etc, Pye is just past the bloom of youth and from the years we have spent together it’s obvious she has a highly developed left hemisphere, (another one of my quintessential rocket scientists) I have never known in all the years I have been teaching, a student of art so determined to learn how to draw and paint, lesser students would have given up long ago! But the rewards of such determination speak for themselves. Something else we share together is our love of classical music often we chat in class about the concerts we enjoyed at the Opera House the problem is my other students need my attention which brings me back to reality!

I am conscious of the music playing in the class room, because it creates the right mood to help support my students’ creative process and add to the enjoyment of being here. I have built up the collection over many years going to great lengths sometimes to track down the most obscure pieces I have listened to on BBC Radio 3, Classic FM, 2MBS, Triple J, Radio 1UK, Kiss FM New York, to Music I have heard to while enjoying a films at the Orpheum, along with students clutching a CD arriving at class saying “You have got to listen to this”.

Ako Lamble Ako said “I would like to mention about Pye as one of many who’ve supported NSA in many ways, particulary when we had our annual exhibition at the Mosman Art Gallery last December she helped hanging the pictures on the wall, serving food and drinks at the opening night and so forth. We thannk you Pye, here’s Pye’s paintings being exhibited in our anuual exhibition”.





Would you like to improve your art skills hugely and set your mind focusing to achive your goal? If you are serious about your art, we highly recommend you join more than one class a week like Pye. Particularly Life Drawing (Mon 7-9pm) is almost a MUST for every artist.
For example, Pye Joins;

  • Draw & Paint – Monday 12-3pm
  • Life drawing – Monday 7-9pm
  • Draw & Paint – Wednesday 12-3pm

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about taking more than one class a week. Email: info[at] / Phone: +61 (0)2 9968 1233 / Download Enrolment form

The process of oil painting: “Erika” #1 – written by Mike Lamble

mike_henry_100heightsA wonderful weekend
Some of you may recall the last few years I have often mentioned from time to time my desire to do a workshop say on a Saturday morning showing how I believed the ‘Old Masters’ used optics to create their pantings and illustrated using Caravaggio as an example,which surprised many of you.
For two years on and off I have been messing about in the studio on a Saturdays with mirrors, lenses, blacking out the windows and turning the studio into a rather large Camera Obscura the later with limited success this Saturday was no exception.

but I was short of one piece of equipment until this weekend its called a ‘ Camera Lucida’ there are modern versions around I can get from overseas I wanted an old one the same design as was advertised in the 19th century, this has taken over two years to find, it will arrive by post this week, now at last after years of research I can draw all the threads together including hundreds of paintings, texts and diagrams and offer all my students a workshop which I hope will shock surprise and delight.

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of Erika where I had started to paint her using the same process as the ‘Old Masters’ from the Renaissance I’ve had a ball painting her for the last two days What a weekend!



Looking forward to seeing you all this week