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“Did the ‘Old Masters’ cheat?” written by Mike Lamble

“Did the ‘Old Masters’ cheat?” written by Mike Lamble


mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble

3-6pm Sunday 24th July 2016 $70
At last I have chosen a date to talk, demonstrate and what I consider visual evidence by looking at paintings by Holbein, Vermeer, Velazquez Leonardo, Van Dyke, Raphael, to name a few including a number of drawings from the 19th century.
 I will illustrate how I believe the old masters used optics to achieve the results we admire today.
My journey started many years ago as I stood in front of Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus  1601 in the National Gallery London.
There was something decidedly odd about the hands I will discuss this in the workshop. 
This took me on a journey of exploration that lasted a number of years, at this point I must thank David Hockney for making it easy to put all the pieces together.


I sent Most of Sunday experimenting with mirrors and lenses, instruments believed to have been used in the 15th and 16th century’s, you will also see in the picture a Camera Lucida a 19th Century drawing device next to a 21st Century Camera Lucida ,which is much easier to use than it’s 19th Century grandfather but still difficult to use as you will find out when invited to try to use it for your self.


This shows my attempts tracing the outline of the cast of Aphrodite, after an hour or so experimenting it was quite easy took about 30seconds.


Sarita taken from my ipad from Saturday’s portrait workshop much more difficult several attempts realised it is better to make a few quick notations of proportion then continue using traditional observation skills .
Thanks to Andrew lending me his 21st century Camera Lucida I have finally been able to put this workshop together.

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Art Talk at the NSW art gallery by mike lamble

[REVIEW] Art Talk at the Art Gallery of NSW – Written by Mike Lalmble


Art Talk at the Art Gallery of NSW

mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble

I wanted to thank all of you for giving me such a great time by allowing me to indulge my passion for standing in front of original paintings and talking about them at the Art Gallery of NSW, just by being there all of you inspire me. Thank you for all your comments to me during the following week. Many have asked if I will do another “Magical Mystery Tour” and “not leave it so long this time”.

As a suggestion, 2-4pm Saturday 29th March 2014.


” Mike’s Gallery Tour really showed me how to look at art through the social and political context, as well as through artist’s eyes. He told us about the history of when the piece was painted and the story behind each painting. It was an inspiring afternoon and makes me want to visit the gallery more often. Thank you Mike for a fabulous, educational and uplifting tour!”

– Judyth Wiley

“As an aspiring artist, 2 hours in the Art Gallery of NSW is heaven at the best of times, but when combined with Mike’s obvious excitement and passion in the artworks he chose to share with students during the tour I gained not only a brand new perspective on many pieces that I had seen previously, but hope that maybe producing my own fine piece of artwork was within reach.”

– Vicki Edler

“Mike’s tour enables you to see beyond the beautiful artwork that is on display. He provides an insight to the life and times of the artist, the story behind the picture as he shares his appreciation of the artists’ technique. Mike’s enthusiasm for the Art Gallery of NSW is infectious – making this a wonderful to unwind on a Saurday afternoon. I especially appreciated viewing the Australian artists and his comparisons with pieces contained in other galleries worldwide.”

– Julia Huxley

“I joined my fellow art students on the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ of the NSW Art Gallery with Mike on a lovely Saturday afternoon in early December. We learnt about a variety of artists spanning different genres, a range of paintings techniques and the history behind the artwork. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and it was inspiring to see Mike talk with such passion about each painting. I am looking forward to the next one!”

– Avneet Narula

“I attended Mike’s “A Magic Mystery Tour” during December 2013 and found it to be incredibly informative, thought-provoking and, most of all, fun! Not only is Mike an art history expert, he is also a genuinely nice person with a fantastic sense of humour. Attending one of Mike’s talks HAS to be on any art appreciator’s list of top things to do in Sydney!”

– Marna van Zyl

Art Talk at the NSW art gallery by mike lamble

Art talk at the Art Gallery of NSW by Mike Lamble


Art Talks at the NSW Art Gallery by Mike Lamble.

mike lamble henry

‘Art a la Cart’, a personal view by Mike Lamble.
Saturday 7th of December, 2pm.

We will explore various paintings from the gallery’s permanent collection – ‘A Magical Mystery Tour’.
To gain access to the paintings of great artists is to go on a journey with infinite possibilities, sharing visions of another age. I will guide you through six centuries of western art.
We will examine what makes a great painting – the use of context, technique, narrative, symbolism, meaning and historical style. We will discuss context.
After an hour we will make our way downstairs to the cafe and enjoy excellent company while nibbling on something wicked resuming our tour approximately half an hour later.
The tour will conclude at approximately 4pm.


Click Here for advice on parking or public transport access to the gallery. Note our tour will exceed the time limit for the meter parking in Art Gallery Road so the Domain parking station is the best place to park.