NSA Teenage students visited Mosman Art Gallery to see Mosman Youth Art Prize

mike lamble henryWritten by Mike Lamble

This Art school has supported the Mosman Youth Art Prize for more than ten years with prize money and Mike acting as judge in certain categories because I believe its my responsibility to nurture their creativity and encourage them to challenge their perceived limitations.

You can see the young Olivia on our Youtube video when she received a commendation in the Mosman Art Prize 2008 when she was 12 having joined the art school when she was 10.

To be a successful artist you need three things in my opinion, in order they are;

  1. Drive
  2. Practice
  3. Talent

ever since I have had the pleasure in teaching Olivia from the age of ten allowing for all of life’s other distractions she has displayed those qualities in spades her work speaks for itself so a few words about Olivia herself.

I think it’s fair to say I love teaching my two classes of teenagers and for many those can be turbulent years as my many conversations with mums and dads testify Olivia has been a delight steady and pretty ‘cool’ over the years so much so she has worked as a teachers assistant on a number of occasions for this school.

I am constantly receiving requests from other teachers looking for work in my art school to no avail but If I had a permanent position I would jump at the chance to ask her to join us.

Sadly she will be leaving me this year to go on to University so its like loosing a younger sister, but I know in whatever career she chooses to follow she will be successful.

Mosman Youth Art Prize 2013

Mosman Youth Art Prize 2013

Mosman Youth Art Prize 2013

Olivia Case Teenage Art Student of Northshore School of ArtOlivia said: “I have been taking painting and drawing classes with Mike Lamble, on Friday afternoons for the past eight years. This year I entered the Mosman Youth Art Prize with a portrait of my close friends Ailsa, and was chosen for two prizes in my category. I painted the work late last year during my classes at NSA. I enjoyed creating this piece because portraiture was something I had been looking to explore for a long time, and it was good to acquire some experience in this area, prior to the commencement of my HSC year. Mike’s classes on proportions in portraiture were an excellent starting point for understanding the facial form, and Mike’s continued guidance and advice throughout the art making process was invaluable. It was great to see all I have learned about portraiture and working with oils during my time as Mikes’ student at NSA, culminated in a single piece, which could be appreciated by a wider audience at the Mosman Art Prize. I would encourage anyone with a passion for creating art to enter this competition, as it provides a wonderful opportunity for the exhibition of young artists work.”