iPad Art Workshop (18th May 2013) Review – written by Ako Lamble

Erika, Charlotte (12yo) and Anna Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, We’ve just finished the second iPad Art Workshop on 18th May 2013. We had a great day together. I initially planned and designed my workshop for adults only for many reasons. However, Mike encouraged me to accept Charlotte (12yo) when she wanted to join […] More details »

iPad Art “When you are not well, how can you keep your creativity going?” – written by Ako Lamble

A study of the texture of Egon Schele’s painting – iPad and Procreate app Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, Today, I would like to share my bad days with you. Don’t worry, it will be a happy ending. I have a chronic infection on the bone of my ankle, it flares up every so […] More details »