The inspiration behind my painting of Global Warming – written by Mike Lamble

“Icebergs in the Harbour” by Mike Lamble, Oil Written by Mike Lamble Here I am sat almost half a days drive from Sydney roof down in my thirty odd year old MG, enjoying the peace and solitude of another spectacular day listening to the birds calling, cows mooing in the field next to me it […] More details »

iPad Art “Windows – homage to Edward Hopper” – written by Ako Lamble

created with iPad, Procreate App and ArtistaOil App by Ako Lamble, homage to E. Hopper “Western Motel” “Western Motel” by E.Hopper, 1957 Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, Today, I would like to share with you one of my obssessions – “windows”, particularly this time is a homage to one of my favourite artists, Edward […] More details »

Ask Our Students – Lorraine Mackenzie (Wednesday 12-3pm)

“he convinced me that he could teach anybody to draw & paint” Name: Lorraine Mackenzie Occupation: Retired Joined NSA: soon after Mike Started the art school (1999) NSA: What doodle / drawing / painting did you do in your early life that you were the most proud of? How old were you? LORRAINE: My early […] More details »

ipad art Tiffany Lamp

iPad Art “The Lights” – written by Ako Lamble

“Tiffany Lamp” created with iPad and Procreate App by Ako Lamble Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, Today, I would like to talk about the subject to draw/paint with iPad, “The lights”. I came to realise that drawing the lights with iPad gives much more pleasure to my eyes than drawing it on a paper. […] More details »

Response to “Practice, practice, practice” – written by Mike Lamble

Written by Mike Lamble I’ve received a very nice email from one of our students Janelle Wallace (Tuesday 6.30 – 9pm) she attached the image of her drawings. Janelle kindly agreed to share her drawings with you to inspire and encourage all of you to do much more when you are away from class. Thank […] More details »