“Two Identities” – written by Stephen Dernocoure

Life drawing with iPad & Procreate App by Ako Lamble Written by Stephen Dernocoure Drawing the life model seated in a chair unlocks so many creative and observational possibilities for the drawer. When instructing the life drawing process I have observed that the student may fail to fully consider the chairs relationship with the seated […] More details »

Mike Lamble was in the North Shore Times – community

The article about Mike was in the local newspaper the North Shore Times (page18 20th March 2013). THANK YOU FROM THE ART HOSPITAL STAFF ‘SAVED MY LIFE’ Rowan Cowley NORTH Shore School of Art principal teacher Michael Lamble has donated a special work of art to thank Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) from the bottom […] More details »


Written by Mike Lamble For my all my students who haven’t visited the exhibiton of Henri de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC GO while there is still time (till 2nd April 2013). This is a must see for any lover of art, one ‘cliche’ only ‘brilliant’ many lessons there for my students, in persistance and drawing practice, over a […] More details »

iPad Art “how did you do it?” (a demo video [1’34″/no-sound]) – written by Ako Lamble

Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, Today, I’ll show you a small demo video that I quickly made this morning. I used Procreate app with my iPad which is my most favourite app at the moment. You can see a few useful tools and functions being used in the video. I speeded up the drawing […] More details »

What has the Titanic got to do with Mike’s Portrait? – written by Mike Lamble

Written by Mike Lamble In painting this portrait of Erika in the the way the Renaissance Masters would have approached it more or less so far without a hitch, this reminded me of the Titanic’s disastrous encounter with an iceberg, what I can hear you say! obscure it may be, stay with me dear readers […] More details »

iPad Art “Where on earth Are You, Hunter?” – How did you do it? – written by Ako Lamble

Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, Today, I’ll show and tell you how I’ve rescued and revived one of my unfinished paintings with the iPad. If you are like me, having a quite few collections of unfinished paintings in the corner of your room with dust on it.  Lo and behold, finally you can save(or should […] More details »

Ask Our Teacher – Stephen Dernocoure (Life Drawing Monday 7-9pm)

Name: Stephen Dernocoure Teaching at NSA: Life drawing class (Monday 7-9pm) Joined NSA since: 2008 NSA: What doodle / drawing / painting did you do in your early life that you were the most proud of? How old were you? STEPHEN: Speaking truthfully I cannot think about art in this context. I am more desirous […] More details »

iPad Art “Lady with an ermine and Henry” – How did you do it? – written by Ako Lamble

Written by Ako Lamble Hi Everyone, Doesn’t Henry look good in her arm? Today, I’ll show and tell you how I ended up making this piece. If you are like me, often having a funny and crazy sudden idea then you want to quickly make it  and show your friends to give a little bit […] More details »